Learning how to best support Native students

As the League of Education Voters Field and Policy teams reached out to students, parents, community leaders, and partners across Washington state to create our 2022 legislative platform, we heard over and over again the need for student supports. Mental health supports and addressing social-emotional wellness topped the list, as well as building safe, inclusive, and welcoming learning communities for every Washington student.

To that aspiration, we spoke with 2022 Washington state Teacher of the Year Jerad Koepp about supporting the needs of Native students, hosted a LEVinar last month on the role of K-12 schools in addressing racism, and we will present a LEVinar next month focused on honoring and supporting Native students.

Also, watch for our 2022 legislative platform coming next week.

Read more about our work below.

Student from Summit Atlas Public School


LEVinar: Honoring and Supporting Native Students

In our free webinar Thursday, December 9 at 12:30 pm, a statewide panel of Native students, educators, and policymakers will discuss how our schools can better serve the educational needs of Native students. We will focus on how the state legislature can support Native students by allowing their tribes to grant them viable high school credits for engaging in cultural curriculum and enrichment activities.


LEV Putting Students First Podcast – 2022 Washington state Teacher of the Year Jerad Koepp on Supporting Native American Students

In this episode, 2022 Washington state Teacher of the Year Jerad Koepp shares what supports Native American students need, what worked and didn’t work in his own educational journey, and how he would change our education system if there were no budgetary constraints.


LEVinar Recording: The Role of K-12 Schools in Addressing Racism, Part 3

In last month's powerful webinar centering student voices, we assembled a statewide panel of students, educators, and community leaders to discuss the impacts of racism, presenting tools that can be used in schools to best support students on a daily basis and provide educators with appropriate skills to create well-rounded, historically accurate curricula.


Washington Game Changers Podcast – Nick Merriam, CEO and Co-Founder of sea-citi

Our Washington Game Changers podcast features leaders who give back to our community, drive innovative solutions, and inspire others in making our state more equitable and just. In this episode, League of Education Voters CEO Lauri Hennessey talks with Nick Merriam, CEO and Co-Founder of sea-citi, about homelessness in Seattle, the future of telecommuting, tech workers engaging more in civic discourse, and disproportionate youth access to technology during the pandemic.


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