How to keep Each and Every One of our students engaged during continuous learning?

As parents, educators, and school districts settle into the new reality of continuous learning during COVID-19, we all struggle with finding the best ways to keep our kids engaged with school, especially our students who live in poverty, students with disabilities, students who are in foster care or experiencing homelessness, and students who are learning English.

Here at League of Education Voters, equity is front and center as we refine our COVID-19 advocacy plan's four areas of work:

  1. Gaps in access to learning opportunities
  2. Student supports
  3. Early childhood education
  4. Funding

Speaking of COVID-19, our COVID-19 Resources page offers comprehensive information for students and families across Washington state.

We have some exciting webinars coming up. Today, May 13th at 12:30pm, we will host Trish Millines Dziko of the Technology Access Foundation on Now Is the Time to Redefine School. Click here to register.

And next Friday, May 22nd at 12:30pm, Washington state Superintendent of Public Instruction Chris Reykdal will join us to talk about the current status of Washington schools during COVID-19 and will answer your questions. Click here to register.

Read more about our work below.

Students from South Shore PreK-8

Webinar TODAY, May 13 at 12:30pm: Now Is the Time to Redefine School

Trish Millines Dziko, Executive Director of TAF (Technology Access Foundation), will share TAF’s vision of building a more impactful education system that disrupts centuries of racial inequities, enables us to bring out and nurture the genius in every child, and honors teachers as professionals. She will go through short and long term goals as well as what needs to be true to implement that vision. She will also answer your questions.

Op-Ed by CEO Lauri Hennessey: Federal stimulus money must go to our students who need it most

Washington state is expected to receive about $215 million to support K-12 education through the CARES Act over the coming weeks. Those funds are expected to be distributed to school districts to help meet the needs that have arisen from the current crisis. Given the depth of need across communities and limited resources, districts must thoughtfully use the newly available funds to address the growing need for those most impacted. Targeted supports for our students who have the most barriers to access their education must be the focus of the federal funds Washington is receiving.

LEVinar recording: Student Mental Health Supports and Social-Emotional Learning during COVID-19

Mental health supports and social-emotional learning are more important than ever. In case you missed last week's webinar, a great panel of school counselors and behavioral health and social-emotional learning experts describe which services are currently available in Washington state and which services are still needed, and answer your questions.

Podcast: Chief Justice Debra Stephens on Equity and COVID-19

Tune in to this month’s podcast to hear Washington state Supreme Court Chief Justice Debra Stephens describe how COVID-19 has impacted Washington courts, how the court system can support students in an equitable way, what worked in her personal education journey, and what she would do to transform our education system if there were no budgetary constraints.

Arik Korman
Communications Director, League of Education Voters

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