Students Speak Up for What They Need Now

There are about two weeks left in the 2022 Legislative Session, and students have been speaking up to let policymakers and leaders know what they need during this historic time. Students joined LEVinars on Increasing Language Access in Public Schools, the new draft Cultural Competency Diversity Equity & Inclusion Standards for educators across Washington state, and How to Advocate.

During last month's Investing in Student Potential Advocacy Week, a panel of students with disabilities and parents shared about their experiences in school and visions for how our education system must change to better serve and support all students.

In the House and Senate budgets that were released this week, state lawmakers have proposed making significant long-term investments in better supporting the physical, social, and emotional needs of students. See details in our 2022 Supplemental Budget Side-By-SideYou can also follow the bills we are watching in our Bill Tracker.

Read more about our work below.

Students from South Shore PreK-8


LEVinar Recording: Students from Across Washington on What They Need Now and How to Advocate

In last week's powerful webinar, student activists from across Washington state share how the current school year is going for them, what they need now to make things better, and ways to advocate to make it happen. Students joined us from The Root of Our Youth, Washington NAACP Youth Council, Washington Ethnic Studies Now Youth Advisory Board, OneAmerica Youth Council, the Washington state Legislative Youth Advisory Council (LYAC), and Gonzaga University.


2022 Washington state Supplemental Budget Side-By-Side

The Washington state House and Senate have released their 2022 supplemental education budget proposals. The 2022 supplemental budget makes adjustments to the 2021-23 biennial budget and impacts funding for the remainder of the biennium, which ends in June of 2023. The amounts shown are in addition to funds that have already been appropriated in the 2021-23 budget.


Student Voice Guest Blog: K-12 Students Need More Excused Mental Health Days and More Comprehensive Support

Ruby Coulson, a junior at Sequim High School, National Leader through 4-H, and Committee Member on Legislative Affairs for the Washington state Legislative Youth Advisory Council (LYAC), shares why K-12 students need more excused mental health days and more comprehensive support, and how House Bill 1834 can help.


Washington Game Changers Podcast – Regina Malveaux of the Washington State Women’s Commission

Our Washington Game Changers podcast features leaders who give back to our community, drive innovative solutions, and inspire others in making our state more equitable and just. In this episode, League of Education Voters CEO Lauri Hennessey talks with Regina Malveaux, Director of the Washington State Women’s Commission. Lauri and Regina discuss the Women’s Commission, childhood poverty, early learning for kids, and International Women’s Day on March 8th.


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